Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mendacino - A relaxing weekend!

I have heard about Mendacino from people who have been there. They describe it as a place by the sea,  beautiful, calm. But the one that most people have mentioned is "relaxing". I was curious on what is there in Mendacino, but never made a plan to go there until now. Some of my friends had rented a vacation rental place and stayed there and they said it was amazing and practically u just sit and relax there.
For me going on vacation till now, was exploring the place a lot, and never sitting in the house and relaxing.But now that I am pregnant, I was not too keen to on exploring the place a lot anyways, so when our gang initiated a summer trip to Mendacino and book a rental place there, I was all for it.

We left on Friday evening (7th June 2013) from here in a 8 seater ford. The vehicle was very good, but even then, the fact that I am pregnant and the long journey and windy roads, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable. The journey was not pleasant for me, but on the way we stopped at a thai restaurant, which had some amazing food! It was very good, especially their ginger tea. We ate nicely and then started on the journey again. We reached Mendacino by 10 or so, but took a while to find our house. It was actually an adventure, with no street lights, and we trying to find which house it is in the dark. Then finally we found the place, and then once we parked, we did not know how to enter the place. Shalini and pradeep got down and found the entrance, and then we entered the home. What a surprise!
The house was so nice, and beautifully done. It instantly makes you feel at home and very warm and cozy. The couches, the throws, the pillows, the lights, the nice kitchen, etc everything was so well thought out! It had an amazing dining table, and a deck that surrounded the entire house. The bedrooms were so nicely done, and every bedroom had its own bathroom which made dividing the bathrooms equally so nice!

It was amazing to  experience this! We had some curd rice, and then we all crashed.
The next day morning, it was such a surprise, when we opened the windows. The view of the sea was amazing. It was so relaxing for me and Sree. We enjoyed the morning bournvita watching the sea. After everyone had their breakfast, we all got ready, and started on seeing places. We saw pigmy forest, and went to an old book store, and had lunch in the mendacino town. We also went to see the glass beach, but finally found glass only towards the beach very near to the sea. The view was very nice. We then tried to see the light house, but since it was closed, decided to go back to the house. Once we hit the couches, no one moved! We all dozed off for a bit, and then had tea, and the guys decided to enjoy the hot tub! pradeep got some ginger ale and all of them popped in. I can't use the hot tub as I was pregnant, but Shalini and Mini also enjoyed the hot tub. Once we all came back, Ranga and Sree made soup, Sandwich and heated dokla for us. And we tried to do a candle light dinner, but well finally we put on lights and had our food. We talked for a while, played Catan, and then me, Pradeep, Shalini and Mini talked till 5 AM in the morning. we all went to get our sleep.

Waking up the next day was hard, but we had to check out by 12, and we all got out by 11:45 and dropped the key. We started our journey back, and stopped on the way to have lunch. We again stopped on the way for coffee at San Rafael. Then we reached Pradeep's place, unloaded and Ranga returned the car. We all dispersed, and once reaching home, I had such sweet memories of the whole trip! Would definitely do one like this next year also! Totally worth it!