Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Tomales Bay

 We had heard about the Tomales Bay hike from friends and colleagues and wanted to do this for a while. This is almost a 2 hr drive from Campbell. So during the President's day weekend, after Tara's music class, we started off. We stayed in Petaluma for the night in the Best western there. We had some good dinner from the cafe right inside the Best Western complex which served some really good food.

We settled in for an early night, so we can get up early and start the trail. We woke up around 6, got ready, and had the free breakfast. Around 7:30, we started off to Tomales Bay. This was an hour drive from Petaluma. The scenary was amazing - again the green rolling hills almost felt like somewhere in England or so, with the cows grazing everywhere.

We reached the trail around 8:30 AM, layered up as it was cold, and started the hike. A very beautiful hike along the ocean. We took breaks in between and kept walking and walked around 2.3 miles. We saw the elks and walked further up. The kids legs started hurting, so we decided to start back. We carried Pappu most of the way, and Tara walked even though she was a bit grumpy that Pappu gets to be on our back.

The whole 4.6 miles took us around 2.5 hrs or so to do. We had some snacks and drove to Point Reyes light house. I had not seen this place all this while. We again did a short 10 min walk. It was so windy and cold. We climbed down the stairs to the light house. Walked around it and then came back up.

We had PB&J sandwiches, checked out the cypress tunnel and then started to Berkely. We reached Berkely around 3:45, hanged out with our friends AP and Renee over dinner and started back home.