Tuesday, February 21, 2023

A day in SF

We live in Campbell, which is around 35 miles from SF city. Even though we have been to most tourist spots in SF multiple times, we have never stayed a night in the city. 
So, this time, during the President's day weekend, we decided to spend a night there and booked a night at the Intercontinental.

We started from home, around 10:30 am on a Sunday, and we had packed subway sandwiches with us. 
Our first stop was the Lands end trail. We had our subway sandwiches and started exploring this beautiful trail.It was so nice, and the vegetation had so many changes. There were steps and slopes to keep us engaged. The kids and us played games as we walked. After 2 hrs and many views of the golden gate, and the golden gate beach, we decided to head back. 

We drove to intercontinental from there. 
The hotel was impressive and we were on the 8th floor. 
After some rest, we went up to the roof top bar/restaurant and had coffee, and some starters. The food was really nice. The kids enjoyed the food and the views from here. Perfect spot for sunset.

Post this, the rest of them rested in the room. I walked to the nearby chapel (Grace Cathedral) and they had a beautiful service and choir going on. I hanged around a bit enjoying this and walked back to the hotel. 

We got ready and came down to meet David and Eileen for dinner.
We then took an uber to Nopa SF. We were a bit early, so we walked to see the painted ladies and then walked back to kill some time. We got a table inside and ordered starters and plates. The drinks were amazing and the food was also great. Loved the place and the conversations.

We took an uber back and got some good rest. The SF city view was awesome in the night. 

Next day, we woke up leisurely. Got dressed and went to the near by coffee shop suggested by David. 
After coffee we walked around a bit. The city was pretty much dead and did not have much hussle and bussle that you expect from it. We walked down to union square and walked back to the hotel. 
Then, from here, we rested for a bit and went to the SF botanical garden. It was really nice to see the Magnolias there. After this, we drove back and had stopped over for some yummy Thai food.

We came home, and the kids watched TV, while me and Sree took a nice nap. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

A day trip to Sugarloaf ridge state park

Tara’s passport was expiring and we had to get it renewed. We could not find appointments anywhere in the bay, and finally got one in Kenwood CA. This meant we had to take a day off and drive down 2 hrs. 

Our appointment was at 11:30 am. We started from home around 8:45 am, drove 2 hrs with a quick restroom break at Danville area.

We reached the post office, completed the application process and was done by 11:30 am. 
We found this restaurant Tips roadside. Loved the ambience, the quirky country style vibe and patio etc. 
The food was amazing. We ordered salad, salmon, soup, a sandwich and Mac and cheese for kids. And Ofcourse a latte and a black coffee. 

After this yummy food, we left to sugarloaf state park. The weather was perfect and it was so green. 
We went into the visitor center, paid for the car and got details on a family friendly trail. We walked up the lower bald mountain trail which looped into the planet hike. This was nice. We walked past a creek etc. after a while, kids got tired, and we also lost our way a bit. 
So we walked back, and drove out. The time was 2 pm. 

We got out of the park and stopped at canyon trail and did the short hike to this beautiful waterfall. If we had more time we would have hanged around here more. I did the hike first and then Sree and kids did this short hike and came back. This was because our car was not parked properly and wanted one of us witn the car. 

Then we drove back the 2 hrs enjoying all the green rolling hills, the vineyards and the mustard color flowers everywhere. 

A beautiful day!