Thursday, February 22, 2024

Short Trip - Presidents Day Weekend - North Lake Tahoe

We did a short trip to Lake Tahoe of 2 days, during the Presidents day weekend. We started Sat morning, and drove down to Folsom. There we met our close friends Kapil and Diya and had some yummy lunch and caught up while the kids enjoyed playing together. All the kids have grown considerably since we saw them last time.

We started off on our drive to Lake tahoe. It was so lovely to see the snow covered trees and mountains.We reached Truckee by 4 PM and got into the room. This was the Inn at Truckee. We all rested for a bit, and then walked over to the brewary next door. It was full, but we had some yummy soup and sandwiches and Sree tried a new beer.

Post this, we came back, and called it an early night after watching half an episode of "The Tourist".

The next day, we had an early start and we parked the car at North Star parking and dropped Pranav off at his ski class by 8:45 AM. The three of us then hopped from one coffee shop to the other either reading, watching TV on phone, or walking around. I would suggest you make a concrete plan of how you want to spend your time, because its amazing to sit down and get some focussed reading or writing done. I usually do my yearly photobooks, but I did not remember this on time, and spent only the last 1.5 hrs or so on it. r

We had lunch at a mexican place in the town. Took some pics. Watched folks doing ice skating. And the live music. Around 3:30 PM, we picked up Pranav and then started off back to Bay area, reaching our home by 8 PM.

Snow Man

ice skating ring

Ready to Ski